Awesome Book Bloggers!

These are the blogs I’m following. Check them out! x

Sab The Book Eater



Jona’s Books and Blurbs

The Grown-Up Ya

Verbosity Book Reviews

YA Lit- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

whY.A not?

YA Book Reviews

Gone Pecan

Chasing The Crazies

After The Last Page

Confessions of a Fancy Nerd

Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands

Lost in a Great Book

Books, Tea and Me

reading is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Picture Me Reading

Quinn’s Book Nook

What Danielle Did Next

Book, Interrupted

Books for a Delicate Eternity

Book Revels

midnight coffee monster

Chrissi Reads

The Bookworm in Boots is always lost in books

The Literary Omnivore

Overflowing Bookshelves

Little Cartographer

Undusty Library

Book Oaths

Little Miss Reads-a-Lot

A Lot Like Dreaming

Young Adult Book Madness

The Crazy Bookworm

Belle of the Library

Anahera Reads

The Thousand Lives


The Bookish Owl

Bookworm Chronicle

The Lifelong Bookworm

The Talking (blogging) Bookworm

The BiblioPile

Books Speak Volumes

Flip That Page

The girl who keeps reading

Stay Bookish

Sincerely Kate


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