Series, you say? Ain’t nobody got that time for that!

Um. . maybe that’s just me.

I don’t like reading series because. . .

Reading series takes toooo much time and energy and feels, feels, feels. You know that feeling when you are now so attached with the characters and the author does something like kill them and you are now like…

17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand

source: tumblr


That’s why I avoid series as much as possible. If I sense something fishy, I’ll run as fast as I can. I just can’t handle losing characters that are so dear to me and just pretend like it is okay but NO NO it will never be okay, it will never be. Yes, Infernal devices and Hunger Games. You two. Again.

And like I said,  a series takes toooooo much time to finish. Like, you have to wait a year or two because the author of your favorite book is too busy killing off characters writing. And there are so many books I need to read, I can’t be bother at all.

Last year, I only read 3 series, I think. (Percy Jackson, Infernal, FSOG – Yes! I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey) and there were some series I didn’t bother continuing. I read the first and second book and I just lost interest in it. Here are some of the series I didn’t finish:

1. Legend Trilogy – Legend just didn’t wow me at all. It was okay but I have so many standalone books I need to read, so bye bye. But hey, guys, I want to hear your thoughts about Prodigy. Is it good?

2. Divergent Trilogy – I still haven’t read Allegiant. I lost interest, okay. I saw a lot of spoilers and I read a lot of mixed reviews about this one so, no. Maybe I’ll just read it before the movie comes out.

3. The Mortal Instruments – Sorry. Cassandra Clare. 3 books is enough. And there’s too much going on, so many new characters and the fact that City of Fallen Angels was not that great, unlike the 3 other books. And the fact that Clary and Jace still haven’t had sex ARE YOU KIDDING ME. No. Thank you. Next time, just stick with trilogies.

4. Soul Screamers – 8 books? No. Thank you. I’m still stuck on book 3.

5. Heroes of Olympus – I read The Lost Hero and *yawsn* it was boring. I didn’t connect at all with Jason. And I missed reading Percy’s POV! I need Percy and the gang back again!!!

6. Delirium trilogy – I read Delirium and Pandemonium. I remembered not loving Delirium but it got better on Pandemonium (I liked it). I can’t remember why I didn’t read Requiem. Hehehe. Maybe I’ll try to finish this series this year. Just maybe.

7. Maze Runner Trilogy – Not. That. Awesome. And I saw a spoiler, about the last book. Great.

8. Touch Trilogy– The first book wasn’t that good. It was bad, actually. Second book? No. I have a lot of books to read.

9. Bad Girls Don’t Die Trilogy – Not. Awesome. Boring.

10. Penryn and The End of Days – This is what I get when I jump into bandwagon. Angelfall didn’t wow me at all. It was meehhhhh and I can’t be bother with the second book.

11. Pretty Little Liars – Did I mention that I have a lot of books to read and I’m still stuck on book 9. And this awfully long series is now on book 14. Are you fucking kidding me?

See? A lot of series I abandoned.. (for good.) Maybe it’s not really for me. Also one of the reasons why I don’t read much series is because of the hype. Yup. Everyone’s raving about how good this book is and when I read it, it was meh *coughs Angelfall and Legend*

There a lot of reading challenges I want to sign up for, that involves reading 2 or 3 series. But whenever I think about it. . .

(Just me)

Enlighten me up, do you love reading series? If so, what are the series you loved? / Are you like me who have this bad habit of not finishing a series? / Am I missing something out? Any recommendations? Maybe I’ll check it out. . . someday


16 thoughts on “Series, you say? Ain’t nobody got that time for that!

  1. I feel you in the fact that ain’t nobody got time for that. I don’t mind reading series but lately EVERYTHING is a series. I can hardly find books that are standalone. I don’t mind reading series but I have stipulations before starting them. 1) I prefer that they’re completed, that way I don’t have to wait years and years for the next installment. 2) If it’s longer than 5 books I have to be in love with the books. 14 is just way too long! (There is a series that I read that was at 23 last time I looked but their individual stories within the same universe so you don’t have to read all of them/in a specific order). 3) If I didn’t like the first book then I will definitely not read the rest of the series.
    I do like trilogies though. Or, rather, I like them the best when it comes to ‘series’ because when I read the word trilogy I know it’ll be done after book three :)

    • I KNOW RIGHT. EVERYTHING IS A SERIES NOWADAYS. I always saw a one or two books on Goodreads that I’d love to read someday, you know, I’m just two seconds away on clicking the want-to-read button then I would saw this word besides the title (example: *insert random book here* *book title #1) and I’m like WHY MUST EVERYTHING BE A SERIES. Especially in Young Adult Genre *coughs dystopian coughs coughs paranormal* so far. . there is only one series I know that are sooooo long in mystery genre *pretty little liars coughs coughs*

      and also I smelled something fishy going on on standalone books. . . it’s only one book then you’ll find out that there’s a second book but it’s not a sequel but a POV OF THE MALE CHARACTER o.O *coughs na coughs na*

      I have nothing against anything I mentioned above but can’t just authors stick with one book? -_-

      I know an author that didn’t stick with the ‘trilogy’ Cassandra Clare :(( I’m so sad, I really liked TMI but after the 3 books it’s just mehhhh and meehhhh on so many levels. :(

      • It does seem to be only ya books that are just always series. Or self published (I get a lot of the free ones on Amazon). I have yet to read tmi. I think I’m waiting till I can just sit and binge read the whole thing. That’s what I did with Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles. Havent come across the male POV thing yet. Tho I did see someone rewrite their ya novel to make it more NA which I thought was weird.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who liked The Infernal Devices (despite the killing off of characters) but wasn’t into The Mortal Instruments. I just can’t be bothered to read more than the two books from the latter. I do appreciate some series (loved the Princess Diaries one when I was an adolescent!) but my biggest annoyance is getting sucked into a story, it ending via cliffhanger, and having to wait for who knows how long for another installment.

    • I liked TMI. . but I loved the Ifernal Devices!! Because Will *faints* I read the four book on TMI but after the 3rd book. . it’s just so mehhhh and meehhh. There are a lot of unnecessary things CC did, I don’t even care anymore. .

      I feel you about the annoyance part. I hate waiting 1 or 2 years just to read a book. But I did. . . *sighs* I’m talking about Mara Dyer and Allegiant. :(

  3. Prodigy is so amazing! Seriously, give that series another try :D And don’t worry – I haven’t read Allegiant either. I’m afraid of it. Although I do really really really want to read the Heroes of Olympus series – I can’t decide whether I want to buy each individually or if I should wait for the boxed set when the last book comes out.

    I personally am ambivalent about series. I’ll read them, but I do have a hard time saying goodbye to characters. I’ve noticed that with the Vampire Academy series I read slower and slower as I get to the later books. I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to last books!

    • I’m afraid because everyone loved it! I mean, Legend was, um, okaaaaay, I guess. It was full of action and I remembered liking Day or June (I’m so confused with their names!!! ahaha). But it was not really a mind blowing read for me. . . Yes, maybe I’ll give that series a chance. . We’ll see. :D

      And about the Vampire Academy.. I’m still stuck on book 5!! hahahahaha

  4. I don’t want to pick up a series that has more than three books. I get wary of those because I don’t want to end up having to read a dozen or so books to finish off a series and get some kind of closure.

    As for times when I didn’t like a series, I will sometimes force myself to finish it because I just HAVE to know what happens! Haha… Love this post, Marie! :D

    • I feel you, Ana! :D I know that feeling! When you didn’t like the 2nd book but you HAVE to finish the 3rd book because you want to know what will happen. Ughhhhh. It’s one of the worst feeling in this world, because talk about torturing yourself. Hahaha. That’s why I avoid series as much as possible.

  5. Reading a series does take a lot of investment. Lol. It’s not that I stopped reading a book series, it’s more of I don’t have the time or funds to finish all of it. Sometimes, I find a series really interesting yet I can’t seem to finish it. Maybe some day. Who knows. It just really takes too much out of you.

  6. I know right. I really prefer standalone because standalone means no cliffhangers, no cliffhangers means no 2nd book, no 2nd book means I don’t have to spend my money anymore. :D scratch that, it means I still have enough money to buy another standalone book. Hahaha

  7. I’m doing the series challenge, because I love series, but there are so many that I NEED/WANT to finish a couple of them. Requiem is not worth it, haha. I hated it SO much. I agree that The mortal instruments is done.. I didn’t like book 3, so DNF.

  8. I’m burning out of love for Heroes of Olympus and Rick Riordan, so I can sympathize a little with you there. But my problem is that it’s MG, and I find it too dumb. I liked Legend, but each to his own. Divergent, don’t bother, just give it a 1 star and walk away, because Allegiant takes everything the first two books built and dumped it in the trash.

    MI, no thanks, the first three books were good enough. And PLL? The reason I didn’t try that one was because it was so long to begin with.

    As for series, I’m find with it when I can find a source to borrow from, but if I have to buy it? I’m jut going to pray and hope that I’m making a good investment. Series takes both time and money and I don’t want to be halfway through it then hate it.

  9. While I don’t completely hate series, I prefer standalones because series do take up a lot of my time. I think the only series/trilogy I ever finished was Across the Universe by Beth Revis because it’s amazing! Best sci-fi book ever. What I also do not like about series is we have to wait a year in order for the sequel to come out. I forget the characters’ names, and the plot, etc. and it’s just hard to remember. I also don’t like rereading books so it’s hard to read a sequel of the book if I already forgot about the first book. I didn’t really like The Infernal Devices trilogy though. I kind of don’t understand the hype on it lol. That sucks that you read spoilers on some of the books. :( Ugh. Hate it when people put spoilers without a note!

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