Why Bother Writing Reviews?

I love writing reviews there’s just something about it that feels good, it’s like paying the author back for the amazing book she/he wrote. But I have a question, why do we do this? Why we bother ourselves so much, so much that sometimes we feel pressured. I had this conversation with a friend when I told him I write reviews about books I’ve read.

Friend: You review books?
Me: Yup
Friend: But, why? Why bother?
Me: I love books
Friend: But you’re not that good at writing ha-ha-ha joke
Me: Fuck you
Friend: ha-ha seriously? Why bother? Takes too much time and you’re absolutely a busy college student
Me: I love books

Is that really the reason why we review books? Book reviews are the most neglected post here in blogging, it’s horribly true. Every time I open my reader all the reviews are the less commented ones, probably because no hasn’t read it yet or it’s too long. It makes me sad to see that and guilty because I’m one of those people who rarely leave a comment on reviews. But I’m also one of those people who always nagged why no one bothered to comment on my super long reviews because, duh, I poured my heart out writing these and no one even left a comment, even a spam comment! Hypocrite much? I know.  And reviews sometimes sparks some jealousy.

And when jealousy takes over…

Here’s the transition:

1. Jealousy: People are commenting on her reviews what the fuck. Ugh, not really amazing. So much errors  and her reviews are like 500 words only. So much hate.



3. Depression: this is so fucked up, no comments, even spam comments or anything. Fuck this. I’m leaving this world. Goodbye blogging friends! Good bye! Because clearly…


*slits wrist*

(I just hope no one goes that way)

See, what I’m talking about? Don’t get me wrong guys, I love blogging, reading and writing even though I’m not really good at it but there are days when I can’t help but to think this way. So enlighten me up, why are we bothering ourselves so much writing reviews???


19 thoughts on “Why Bother Writing Reviews?

  1. As you have said, “you love books.” Stick to it. It doesn’t matter if some people aren’t paying much attention to your reviews. Let’s be honest to ourselves. There are really people out there who are great doing book reviews and we, I can include myself although I love reading books but don’t make reviews, who are exceptionally great doing their ‘stuff.’ Maybe you just need the right stuff or the right material. I hope I’m wrong. :) In the mean time, let’s enjoy reading and once in a while, writing. :)

  2. I think it goes with loving books and the book blogging community. But it’s also a blog, and naturally, you’re going to goof off and people like you goofing off. It’s hard to see something you worked hard on get barely any response, but I just keep doing it. When my creativity’s disappeared, it’s back to writing reviews.

    I think the reason why I write them is they help me replenish my creativity. :D

    • Creativity? I don’t think I have that. :D (God, I’m so pessimistic haha please don’t mind me) Anyway, as for me, one of the reasons why I write them is to improve my ”english” skills. Because I do suck at english. :P

  3. There have been a handful of books that you put on my radar that I wouldn’t have heard of if not for your book reviews, so don’t sell your posts short! One day I would love to be an author, and I kind of feel like putting my thoughts about other books down somewhere will give me a better idea of what it is I look for in what I’m reading so I could incorporate that into my own book(s), if that makes sense. Also, one of my resolutions last year was to read more and I kind of feel like my book reviews were proof that I did just that :-)

    • Did you just compliment me? :””’> hihihi.

      We, readers, are all aspiring authors. I remember when before I started blogging I tried to wrote a story on wattpad but there was just so many ideas coming in I didn’t know what to write anymore! hahaha

      I would love to read your book someday, Kate. :)

      Take care! xo

  4. I like reviewing whether I receive comments or not. It doesn’t affect me even though statistically speaking that reviews are hardly prioritized. I love reading and writing reviewing comes naturally after. I love reading reviews but I hardly comment unless I’m really originally interested with book. Regardless it really doesn’t bother me (never was and never will).

  5. It’s like you said – I love books. They may not be the most viewed posts on my blog, but if one person finds a new book, or even a series, because they saw my post, then I think it’s worth it. Of course I would be thrilled if I got more comments on my reviews, but my reviews are more for me. It helps me refine my writing, and I like being able to sort out my thoughts on a book. It helps me say goodbye so I can move on to the next book. It’s when I post my discussions and get few comments that I really get bothered xD

    • Same! Whenever I post a discussion I keep on refreshing the tab to see If someone commented and I keep on checking my inbox for emails from wordpress that someone commented on my post. :D I think I am far more nervous and anxious when it comes to this kind of post. Hahaha

  6. I love books and I love talking/discussing about them. I don’t have anyone in my surroundings to talk about it, so this is THE way to vent about books I dislike or rave about the ones I completely love :D They are perhaps less visited than other posts, but I must say that I don’t have to complain. I get a nice amount of comments on my reviews :)

    • One of the reasons I started blogging is I also don’t have anyone to talk to about books :'( maybe it’s the reason why I kinda feel down when no one leave a comment on my reviews because what’s the sense of book blogging when no one wants to talk about this book in my review. hahaha am I making sense? I hope so. :D but don’t get me wrong I love what I’m doing. :) I just want to complain. hahaha

      Take care. xo

  7. THIS IS HOW I FEEL ALL THE TIME! You totally get me! Like, I stalk this one person because I am just so jealous of her and I comment on her stuff but she never does that for me and just uggghhh. And don’t worry, I’m going to comment on as many reviews as I possibly can as one of my goals for this year.
    Great post!

    • *hugs* Same. I also stalk this one person (maybe two) but I don’t comment on their stuff because I can see that they rarely pay attention to their readers. :'( it makes me sad.

      One of my goals also this year is to spread the love of commenting back and leaving comments on reviews and discussions. Hahaha

      Take care. xo

  8. I ask myself too!! I just don’t get myself sometimes, but lately I found myself enjoying posting reviews. One thing for sure, I really just like posting reviews hahahah I dont know even no one dares to comment or read it I just like making long comments about the book idk idk hahaha maybe it’s just like tweet tweet and tweet until someone joins you in your blabbering like that kind of thing oh my g am i making sense????? *runs to the nearest cliff* *no jk i love my life bye xoxo*

    • Yes, you’re making sense! hahaha sometimes I found myself getting carried away writing reviews, so they always tend be really looong. Sometimes I found myself not liking what I’m doing. Hahaha in other words, I’m so magulo. XD I don’t get myself though.haha

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  10. I definitely read reviews! But do I comment on them? Only if I’ve read the book. Because then I can gush/complain right along with the blogger. If I’ve not read a book, then I won’t really be able to add to the discussion. And I really hate writing, “Great review! I definitely want to check this book out now!” because it doesn’t seem like a genuine comment. I could probably count on my hands all the comments I’ve left for book reviews of books I haven’t read yet.

    Then of course, we have to take into consideration that a lot of bloggers are reading and reviewing the same books all around the same time. If I left comments on all those reviews, I’d be writing the same thing over and over (which again, doesn’t really come off as a genuine comment). Or, if it’s a book I know I’m already going to buy, Cress by Marissa Meyer for example, I avoid those reviews because I don’t want to spoil the book for myself.

    Now, why do I write reviews? I write reviews because I enjoy writing them. Whether or not people read my reviews doesn’t affect my desire to write them. I was tracking them in pen and paper journals anyway, and nobody can comment on those :D

    • Same! Same! Hahaha. Everyone is reading the same book, same arcs and it’s hard to leave a genuine comment if I haven’t read the book yet.. and it’s hard to leave a comment because everyone is reading this book and I don’t even know what to say anymore. Hahaha

      Paper Journals? I tried doing that last year. I bought a notebook and a pen and I already planned what I’m going to write, like this half would be about my favorite quotes and this half would be about new words I’ve learned and this half would be about reviews but I stopped because I felt like it was redundant like I’m doing the same thing again and again. Kind of like cross posting my reviews here on my blog and my goodreads account. So, book journal didn’t work out for me. :D HAHAHA

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