Oh My God! Don’t Do That!

Today, I’m going to share one of my biggest bookish pet peeves.

It’s flipping the pages… so fast. Okay, I don’t know what it’s called but here’s a gif to satisfy your curiosity. Note: When I searched this on google and tumblr, I almost collapsed. Because, I. Just. Can’t. Stand. It. And I still can’t stand looking at it.


source: tumblr

I DON’T UNDERSTAND. (I’m cringing, shaking, hyperventilating right now) I JUST CAN’T UNDERSTAND. I mean, what was that for? What pleasure did you get just by doing that… that thing? Enlighten me, please?

When I saw someone doing that I’m like


source: tumblr


source: tumblr

To comfort myself I’m just going to look at this gif forever…


source: tumblr


Anyway, Enlighten me up! What is your biggest bookish pet peeve? And, off topic, what is your favorite show? (I just have to know. Please, let it be Supernatural and Criminal Minds).


14 thoughts on “Oh My God! Don’t Do That!

  1. Folding corners of pages. I even saw someone fold the whole page I’m half. Second is from folding the pages back on the cover. Also my favorites are doctor who, supernatural and game of thrones.

  2. I don’t mind so much when someone flips through the pages, but it really bothers me when someone folds the front half of the book backwards to hold it in one hand. I hope that makes sense? It like bends the spine and everything it’s just awful. The only thing you can do that to is school textbooks.

    And you’re in luck, because my favorite shows are SPN and Sherlock ;) Best Buy was having a super clearance on Black Friday, and I got all the Supernatural seasons for $10 each!

    • I totally get what you mean. :) I also hate when someone does that! I only do awful, unbelievable things on books is when they are academic books :D (Geez, I’m so bad)

      What? 10 dollars for all Supernatural Seasons???! OMG. You’re so lucky. :D

  3. Well, it doesn’t really bother me as much as it does for you. It’s okay when it’s for other books, but for mine? You don’t have the right. I also don’t like the idea that the cover would end up being forever tilted up.

    And my favorite show so far is Big Bang theory. It’s just so nerdy and hilarious.

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  5. i like flipping through pages quickly because I like the sounds it makes. I don’t think i have any bookish pet peeves. Flipping through pages quickly, marking it up with pens, and dog-earing the corners are perfectly acceptable in my world. i guess the one thing that does leave me confused is when people fold the book in half to hold it in one hand. It’s not a pet peeve, but i don’t understand the logic. don’t they know they run the risk of having all their pages fall out?

    Would you forgive me for being a fast-page-flipper if I told you I was a fan of Supernatural?

    • You don’t have bookish pet peeves? Lucky you. :D I, too, I just’ cant. I will never do that to don’t understand what’s the logic behind folding the book in half to hold it in one hand. I just can’t. I can never do that to my books because they’re so precious. haha

      Okay. I forgive you. Let’s fangirl together about Supernatural. :D What’s your favorite episode or should I say, episodes? haha

      Anyways, happy new year Jackie!!! xoxo

      • I’m only on season 4, so I know I’ll have many more favorite episodes to come. But, I thought all of season three was pretty fantastic. Especially the episode “Mystery Spot”.

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