Living in The World of Fiction…

Before I start this discussion, whatever you call it, but it’s not really a discussion. Just my random non-sense musings you don’t even want to read. This is my first time doing this, actually. For F-sakes it’s the middle of the freaking night here in the Philippines and I’m still alive and kicking. I can’t sleep because of this. This so-called discussion just literally popped into my mind and I MUST let it out or else, I’m gonna stay awake until 6 am and that is not very good because  2nd semester starts on monday and I NEED some beauty rest. Enough of that. Let’s get this on, shall we?

Lately, or should I say these past few months, since I dived into the world of fiction. I’m slipping away in the real world. You get what I mean? Wait. No. I am not losing my mind.

What the f is the real world? According to normal human beings who doesn’t read books and don’t spend their time blogging and fangirling with fandoms. Real world = Friends. Parties. Amazing parties. Sleepovers. Awesome time with friends. Concerts. Shopping. Whatever ‘normal’ that doesn’t include hyperventilating when the new book from the series you loved got released.

8db969e8965dc104586018e8470c57b4I lost in touch with the ‘real world’. Lost in touch with them, missed the awesomazing parties, missed the gossips about their new boyfriends/girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong. I still hangout with my friends. However, it’s not the same anymore. Whenever they’re talking about something, like the new outfits they’d love to wear and I just nod at them and say whatever it is good to say. But the truth is my mind is in somewhere else. Somewhere else, they don’t give a shit.  I tried to talk to them about reading, but, ugh, some people are not really born a reader. Huh? Whenever they say reading is boring, I’ve never wanted to punch someone on the face so much. Ugh. How frustrating.

When I was in highschool, I was a very sociable person, always there, loved to talk, yes, talkative. Things changed, huh? Ever since I entered college and started reading books, I don’t want to spend my time with human beings (except my family and boyfriend) I just kept everything for myself. Last time my friend told me that I have no social life, I should get out, live some, party some, drink some. Well, fuck it. Although my friend is true about that part, I’d rather stay home and watch Criminal Minds and Pretty Little Liars all day, bury myself in a book, than go out and smile like I am so damn friendly (which was back then) and drink beers till I get drunk. I know, I’m missing a lot of ‘fun’ stuff out there. I don’t even know how to properly apply make-up without looking like a clown. Lol. Yup, that’s true. I’m a 18 freaking year old and already on her 3rd year in college who knows nothing about make-up. Moving on.

Sometimes, I missed that part of myself, you know, outgoing, talkative. But I so love this part of myself that I don’t give a flying bird anymore of what I’m missing out. If you’re not a reader, if you happened to stumble on my blog and read this post. Maybe you’ll think I might regret this someday or worst you think I’ve gone deranged, you’re shouting at your screen right now saying ”you’re too young! go out a little!” but no shit, this is my choice and I don’t regret it.  621ce22fb1f43818ceb4a6ba530b947d

Books taught me a lot of great things about life, choices, love, relationships, family and even sex for goodness sake! I made a lot of friends, friends I know will never leave me. It’s also the reason why I’m blogging right now, sharing my reviews, met a lot of wonderful people in this blogging world who are like me, a little crazy with books and fictional characters.

Books took me to a lot of places I’ve been dreaming of.

I met a lot of fictional characters. I fell in love with them, they made me laugh and cry at the same time. Their stories are always there, you know, just one click, just one step from my bookshelf.

They are part of me. Part of my life, my journey, and I don’t want to be separated from them. Ever.

Woah. I think I’ve gone a little too far, my post is so long. Hope you didn’t mind that. I have a question, are you like me? Quiet, a little introvert, always spending her time reading books? Or are you like the outgoing kind, but also love reading books? and how much fictional characters mean to you? leave a comment! xo love to hear your thoughts. Okay?


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5 thoughts on “Living in The World of Fiction…

  1. Reading this fits me to a ‘T’. You know, going out and having ‘fun’ is not what I like to do. My version of fun is sitting at home with a nice cup of coffee and a good book.

    I know exactly what you mean about friends looking at you like you’re the most boring person ever. But hey, to each their own. This is why I started blogging. Keeping all these comments and stories to myself makes me feel selfish. They’re fantastic and a lot of books can teach you a lot about love, life, and everything else that you need.

    After I read a book, there is almost a sadness from separating myself from these characters that talented authors create. You start to understand them and really want to know where they go from the end of the book.

    • OMG *huggggssss* I am so glad there’s someone like me. My idea of fun is staying at home and watching PLL or reading a really good book that sometimes I forgot to eat!

      The worst thing about having friends who don’t read is, a) they don’t get your literary reference b) yup, they think you’re boring c) a and b. My friends don’t even know that I have a blog, well, I did not tell them because they’re just gonna tease me. :(

      Seriously. I like you already! *hugs*

      • I got so much grief from my husband after I told him I started blogging. He made fun of me, but now he’s good. I have one friend that I could tell and she is a book worm like me!

        The life of a bookworm is… freaking awesome. Haha. My husband games, I read as much as I can. College doesn’t allow for much reading though -.-

        I’ve read the PLL books… not a huge fan of the show, but the books are good!

      • I’m so jealous that you have a friend to tell about blogging. :/ Glad that you’re husband is happy about you blogging. :)))

        I’m a huge fan of the books and the show. However, I think Sara should stop the series, because, seriously, there are a lot of them already! I’m only on the book 9 or 8.

  2. I agree with that one. My bookshelf is overflowing with her books. All good things have to come to an end. It’s especially true with books. If they keep it going to long, there’s nothing to love anymore.

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