Hello! I decided to make a list about my favourite things, movies, anything I loved. I will post 2 or 3 list every month.

Let me remind you this isn’t a book meme or the top ten tuesday. I just created this for fun and to share the things that I loved. You’ll never know maybe it’ll be your next favourite.

So, this month’s list is *drum roll* Duh, of course you already guessed it. Because it’s in the title, obviously. My 5 favourite romance manga!!!

We’ve all gone through that part of our lives were we are really obsessed with mangas or animes!! Right? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Anyway, I just want to share these mangas I’ve read before I discovered books.

Number 5:

4340Title: Hanazakari no Kimi-tachi e

Author: Nakajo, Hisaya

Summary from MyAnimeList:

Japanese-American track-and-field star Mizuki has gotten herself to transfer to a high school in Japan…but not just any school! To be close to her idol, high jumper Izumi Sano, she’s going to an all-guys’ high school…and disguising herself as a boy! But as fate would have it, they’re more than classmates…they’re roommates! Now, Mizuki must keep her secret in the classroom, the locker room, and her own bedroom. And her classmates–and the school nurse–must cope with a new transfer student who may make them question their own orientation…

If you don’t know this manga. Hm, I’m sort of judging you. I mean, how could you? HOW COULD YOU? This manga is very popular, and by popular, I mean really popular! It was even adapted for a TV Show and there’s a effing 3 versions, a Japanese, taiwanese and korean version. I already saw the japanese version and it’s sucks. Yup, don’t bash me. So, I was only 12 or 13 when I saw this manga and I fell inlove with it! The boys here are really cute, especially Sano. Sadly, I haven’t finished this because of reasons *sigh* but I’m planning to this year.

If you want to read this. Good news, it’s already finished, like a long time ago, so you don’t have to kill yourself by waiting.

Number 4:

29745Title: Beast Master

Author: Motomi, Kyousuke

Summary from MyAnimeList:

Yuiko Kubozuka is a high school girl who loves animals. Unfortunately, animals hate her and flee from her whenever possible. So when a new classmate, Leo Aoi, turns out to be a scary guy who resembles a wild animal than anything human, she is intrigued. Not only because Reo has an affinity with animals which she envies, but also because he isn’t the wild animal that he seems to be. He seems to hide a very sweet disposition behind his scary features.

Or so she thought. The truth is revealed when they are attacked and Leo immediately behaves like a wild animal and gets violent like a blood-thirsty animal, just to save Yuiko.

Will Yuiko be able to tame this wildest of all animals or will he be just like the others and flee from her? Or the better question, will she flee from him?

This manga is so adorable. It has a really good combination of romance and comedy and even a drama. Yeah, there are some parts that you may tear up a bit.

What I hated about this manga is, it’s too freaking short! There are only 9 chapters and I WANT MORE. *sigh*

Number 3:

97267Title: Detective Conan 

Author:  Aoyama, Gosho

Summary from MyAnimeList:

Kudo Shinichi is a seventeen year-old high school detective whom people call the “Modern Sherlock Holmes.” However, one night after a date with his childhood sweetheart, Ran, Shinichi witnessed an illegal trade and, caught off his guard, was knocked unconscious and fed a drug that was supposed to kill him… but he woke up and found himself shrunken to a seven year-old. In order to track down the men who did this to him, Shinichi hid his identity and lived with Ran, whose father happened to be a hopeless detective, and with that came a series of murders and mysteries that he must solve.

I know! I know! There is only a little bit of romance in here because it’s full of crimes. But if you look a little bit closer, a little bit closer. There is really a effing romance in here! For me, I think this is the real definition of ”so close, yet so far.” YUP THE FEELS I NEED A MINUTE *inhale* *exhale* *fights the tears*

*snorts* this manga is the main reason why I became so obsessed to mysteries. Yup, already watched the anime version (still on-going), the movies, yup, already watched the ten. Even the live action, though, it’s sucks. Kinda.

Friendly reminder, this manga is still on-going and it has a LOT of chapters, and by A LOT, I mean, like 700 plus something chapters and lord, I’m still stuck on 200 plus chapter!!!

Number 2:

6309Title: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Author: Fujiwara, Hiro

Summary from MyAnimeList:

The class president has a little secret she’s keeping from everyone in her high school… As President of the Student Council, the overachieving feminist Misaki really socks it to the guys in an attempt to make the former all-boys’ school attract a more female student body. But what will she do when the most awesome boy in class finds out Misaki’s part-time job is in a maid café?! 

This manga is hilarious and the romance damn good! There’s this one chapter that I kept reading back and it still made me feel giddy!! Oh my god, you have to, you really have to read this!

Anyway, there’s an anime version of this and it was amazing! Still waiting for the part 2, hopefully there is. Unfortunately, this manga is still on-going. So, yeah, the agony of waiting.

And the number 1 is:

33673Title: Dengeki Daisy

Author:  Motomi, Kyousuke

Summary from MyAnimeList:

Before he died, Kurebayashi Teru’s brother gave her only a cell phone, telling her to contact “Daisy” if she ever needs someone to talk to. Now, even though she lives alone and without relatives, Teru never feels lonely because Daisy is her constant confidant and supporter.

In order to pay off a debt, Teru finds herself needing to work for the rude, inconsiderate, and abusive (not to mention quite handsome) school janitor, Kurosaki Tasuku. While her predicament seems on the opposite spectrum of her relationship with Daisy, maybe Teru’s two different worlds are more closely connected than she thought?

Readers, Followers, Friends, you really have to read this. YOU REALLY HAVE TO BECAUSE THIS MANGA IS PERFECT, AMAZING, FUNNY.

This manga didn’t fail to make my stomach hurt for laughing so hard. I really love the way Teru and Kurosaki argues. I love their banters! God, you have no idea, no idea at all, I ship them so hard it hurts! Even though Kurosaki is a little older than Teru. Who fucking cares. He’s hot, funny, and  sweet. All the time I was reading this, I was like ”YOU TWO HAVE FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER RIGHT? RIGHT? OH MYGOSH, SO WHY DON’T YOU JUST GET FUCKING TOGETHER LIKE RN” THE FEEEEELS. I NEED A MINUTE.

By the way, I haven’t finished this because it’s still on-going. Yup, the agony of waiting. And yeah, forgot to mention this is also the author of Beast Master.

If you haven’t read this mangas, there are a lot of free websites out there like, onemanga,, mangafox. GO. READ. LIKE RIGHT NOW. 

So, basically, that’s it. Did you enjoy this list? Watch out for more!

How about you, what are your favourite manga’s? Leave a comment and we’ll talk about it! X




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